Post Company

Post Company is a design studio operating across hospitality, retail and residential programs. The company creates environments that are grounded in rich narration and guided by collaborative research, contextual appreciation, and informed perspective. We believe that considered design creates space for discourse, human connection, and cultural growth.

The team is a collection of architects, interior designers, carpenters, art directors, and creatives working across disciplines. Our work is a composite of many voices both within and outside of the studio – we believe that this collective expression is greater than that of the individual. We believe that great design should be universally applicable and broadly accessible. As such, we are always pushing to expand the reach of design beyond concepts of luxury and exclusivity.




  • Ruben Caldwell
  • Jou-Yie Chou
  • Leigh Salem
  • Anton Anger
  • Laura Cerpa
  • Lindsey Decatrel
  • Kristin Eugenio
  • Charlotte Garratt
  • Lauren Grant
  • Dominique Guarino
  • Jonelle Jerwick
  • Brent Kitchen
  • Genevieve Mateyko
  • Emmanuel Muhammad
  • Rob Rezin
  • Natalie Spies
  • Ronald Yeung



  • Concept Development
  • Site Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Building Design
  • Custom Furniture, Fixtures, & Lighting


  • Programming
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Creative Direction
  • Branding & Identity


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Positioning
  • Project Delivery
  • Project Management


Post Company is dedicated to the idea that every building suggests the opportunity to discover a unique spatial and cultural context. Our work to this end is supported by a diverse studio of independent thinkers with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. The outcome of this intellectual diversity is an immersive design process that is steeped in extensive research, narrative, craft, and consideration of every aspect of each project.

We are inspired by material, details, unique conditions, and spontaneous design spanning eras, references and stories. This foundational exploration considers a broad range of outcomes that are then edited, and honed into a cohesive narrative that is singular to the project’s location, environment, and operational needs.

We are consistently creating space for competing ideas – this tension affords the studio a broad and considered perspective from which a distinct and compelling narrative is distilled. We are positioned to deliver comprehensive and considered design solutions guided by a collective vision and shared voice. Our focus is collaborative and as a result our projects are as unique as the teams that help to create them.

We seek clients that are driven by the same things that we are: crafting impactful and enduring spaces through broad exploration and collaboration with teams that share a sense of mutual respect. We view our clients as important design participants and we view ourselves as project partners, concerned with the entirety of the experience, from initial concept through minute operational details.


We believe that design is impactful and important. We believe that more voices within our community will create productive discourse and more dynamic, considered and sustainable spaces. We are actively and openly discussing how we can improve the environment and the communities around us. We’re taking steps to being a more engaged participant within the larger discussion about affecting positive change. We’re adjusting our physical operation at our studio in Brooklyn so that we’ll achieve a carbon neutral office within two years, and through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we are committing one percent of our annual revenues to support organizations that are addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues we’re facing today.