Post Company

The Rounds at Scribner's


Hunter, NY

Hotel, Food & Beverage


Building Design, Interior Design


New Construction: 12 Cabins, Central Lodge Amenity Building & Bar


Client: Escape Hospitality

Engineer: Taconic Engineering

Contractor: Bast Hatfield

Photography: Chris Mottalini

Project Narrative

Building upon the whimsical and communal Scribner’s Lodge (2016), the Round’s were imagined to offer a new more intimate, residential experience. A short hike up the hill from the Lodge, the Round’s were designed to provide an immersive experience and holistic appreciation for the surrounding landscape and beauty of the area. Seeking inspiration from the hut systems of Europe and the hand-hewn shingled traditions of the Catskills, the collective team sought to define a new building typology; one that would be in service of reflection and enjoyment of one’s surroundings.

The guest buildings revolve around a centralized amenity lodge; an inviting locus for friends and new acquaintances alike to meet and reconvene throughout their stay. At the heart of each room, a central oculus allows one to experience the shifting light and shadows through the day. The team developed a circular strategy to the buildings as a device to frame specific vantage points while maintaining privacy. Each Round has 12 sides, where each facet holds a different program for daily routines, for example, a daybed, a wet bar, or stove. The structures are clad entirely in shingles, speaking to local historic vernaculars while the interiors adopt the use of knotty pine throughout the spaces. At the center of the suites, a sunken circular sofa references Scribner’s more recent mid-century history-this time dressed in a more subdued and minimalist fashion. The baths echo the same geometry where a round marble sink aligns with the axis of the room.

The main lodge features a bar for small parties and lounge spaces for larger gatherings. The design team tapped notable furniture designers from across the Hudson Valley and North East to build heirloom quality pieces, with the intention to highlight the incredible craft in the area.