Post Company

The Lake House


Canandaigua, NY

Hotel, Food & Beverage


Building Design, Branding & Identity, Interior Design


New Construction: 126 Room Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Meeting Spaces, Event Barn, Spa


Architect: SWBR Architects

Construction Team: LeChase Construction

Collaborators: The Brooklyn Home Company

Photographer: Chris Mottalini

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

The Lake House is a vacation spot that simply reminds us of what lake culture is: a paradise of loose plans, bobbing boats, baseball caps, and cold beers. Here, there’s an experience behind every corner, every turn. This is a place whose design motivates guest to quickly establish a “way of life” no matter how long or short their stay. The design exhibits a confidence in its innocence as it manages to capture those ordinary but cherished memories of family summer vacations and spins them into something extraordinary.

Its architecture, a peaceful rendering of traditional modernism, champions effortlessly casual vibes but in an elegant and elevated way. The leisurely comforts promoted here are ennobled by traditional methods of good craftsmanship but in a modern application and setting. It embodies the spirit of a family who’s lived here for generations. There’s an elegant sensibility in the way the property intuitively seems to unfold into the landscape. There are outbuildings of guest rooms and discrete structures that appear to have spun out from the centrifugal spirit of the property’s main house, the lobby and check in.