Post Company



Barcelona, Spain

Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Renovation: (At Casa Bonay) Cafe


Architect: Cirici & Basso Arquitectura

Contractor: Select Choice Contracting

Collaborators: Marcos Bartolomé, Annaleena, Asilvestrada, Batabasta, Max Rippon and Ausias Perez,Marc Morro, Mecedorama, Santa & Cole, Teixidors

Photographers: Metrixell Arjalaguer

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

Located in the historic Casa Bonay, from the mind of Marcos Bartolomé, Satan’s is a fantastic way to start you morning with "roasts to make the devil proud." With a name that belies a friendly, even charming innocence, Satan’s is an integral part of the hotel experience and another wonderful nook that deserves your attention while in Barcelona.