Post Company

Rhinecliff Residence


Rhinecliff, NY



Interior Design


Single Family Residence


Contractor: NY Renaissance Group

Project Narrative

This is a home of warmth, intimacy, grace and precision. While conservative on square footage, the spaces are efficient and thoughtful, a dance where utility has been conceived as an opportunity for beauty.

The goal was to embrace the quirks and unique conditions of this 1860's historic home while making it a contemporary expression of the homeowners and their interests.

The philosophy was to create a rhythm of light and dark, restraint and saturation. Smaller, more intimate spaces are flooded with color and texture — a red mudroom, an earthy guest room, or a bath fully built out of Calacatta Rosa marble, while more open spaces are painted in subtly shifting tones of limewash. The furniture represents a collection of contemporary works, as well as vintage sourced throughout the Hudson valley.