Post Company



San Diego, CA

Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Restaurant and Mezcaleria at The LaFayette Hotel and Swim Club


Owner: Consortium Holdings

Architects: Tucker Sadler

Contractor: CLTVT, ADK Studios

Project Narrative

Quixote is an Oaxacan-inspired concept and Mezcalería designed with monastic qualities that envelop guests with an agnostic sense of worship. The entire space was created from a decommissioned Catholic church in Mexico and reconstructed to showcase dark wood paneling, rough cobblestones that dot the entryway, flickering Santa Maria candles, rich stained-glass windows and baroque pews and banquettes surrounding the pulpit-inspired bar. Heirloom grains and masa with artisanal moles anchor the dining experience alongside creative craft cocktail spotlighting mezcal and Mexican distillates.