Post Company



Hunter, NY

Food & Beverage


Building Design, Branding & Identity, Interior Design


Renovation: (At Scribner's Catskill Lodge) Restaurant & Bar, Whiskey Lounge


Engineer: Taconic Engineering

Contractor: RL Baxter

Collaborators: Grand Brass, Adirondack Woodshed, Vermont Farm Table, Urban Electric Co.

Photographers: Read McKendree, Nicole Franzen, Emma Tucillo, Douglas Lyle Thompson

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

Ski towns should have legendary bars. There is nothing that makes you thirstier than a day of adventure. Finding yourself by a fire that evening with a beer in hand, reminiscing with old friends and telling lies you feel at home. These spaces exude friendliness, comfort

and camaraderie. The ski town bar is where you meet your lover, your husband, where traditions are born and where memories are made.

Prospect is the kind of place where you shouldn’t miss a night. If you decide to stay in, you will lie awake wondering what could be happening there.