Post Company



Barcelona, Spain

Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Renovation: Bar, Events Venue


Collaborators: Santa & Cole

Photographers: Salva Lopez

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

Immediately adjacent to Casa Bonay, one will find a humble entrance to a long and cavernous space, now the home of Nica. The 4,000sf venue offers a flexible design for multi-program events. Nica Bar provides for intimate gatherings and celebrations while the remainder of the space has been crafted for private banquets, screenings, and live music shows. Nica has become renowned for the spaces quality of sound and forward looking music programming.

The design of Nica stems from a deeply engrained appreciation for theatre, experience and saturation. The ever-present deep red (furniture, dyed-concrete flooring, drapery, tile, and millwork) creates an immersive color experience, a not so subtle ode to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. The singular color palette provides a palette for sculptural intervention. Lighting by Santa and Cole occupies the volumes providing a playful, raw and ethereal glow.