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Nashville Hotel & Residences


Nashville, TN

Hotel, Residential, Food & Beverage

Project Narrative

Like any enduring property, one that exudes a sincerity of hospitality, the hotel is an embodiment of the consummate host. We are welcomed to sleep, find nourishment, and respite within these walls, entering into a world curated by the individual. This hotel will be an be an expression of a grand residence, similar to the homes of modernist thinkers, collected overtime and steeped in a classic southern cordiality. While the architecture has a certain formality of procession and sequence, the furniture, art, objects speak to an ease and effortless warmth. This is a home for the traveler, unique in its personal attention to detail and world in its reference and import.


Interior Design


New Construction: Hotel, Branded Residences, Bar, Restaurant, Pool Deck and Bar, Fitness, Residential Amenities


Client: Trestle Studio and Somera Road

Architect: ESA