Post Company



Montauk, NY

Hotel, Food & Beverage


Building Design, Interior Design


Renovation: 110 Room Hotel, Restaurant, Lobby


Collaborators: Sean Spellman, The Setting, Brian Bielmann

Photographer: Read McKendree

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

The very name – Montauk – comes out of the place itself, the geography. There’s something to be said for how the people who call it home year-round listen most closely to its natural rhythms. Ironically, the most imaginative design approach for Marram is to step back and do the same.

This is not a scene or a place to be seen. Plenty in the past decade have tried to establish quick trends of neon-painted facades or loud, late-night public programming, but Montauk, and Marram is a place with a broader sense of community than typically found amongst the weekend crowd.

The design calls to mind the sensibilities exercised by someone for whom money is no object, but whose appetite for flashy luxuries is tempered by their humbleness. Given the choice, they’d choose location over opulence, favoring a modest beachside surf shack over an outlying stately manor. They’d leave the bones intact but richly coat it with high-grade materials and objects that offer a deeper look into their personality. It’s not about impressive or gratuitous architecture; it’s about cultivating a space that is effortlessly authentic and true to their character.