Post Company

Lou Lou's Club and Ballroom


San Diego, CA

Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Lounge and music venue at The LaFayette Hotel and Swim Club


Owner: Consortium Holdings

Architects: Tucker Sadler

Project Narrative

Lou Lou’s Club and Ballroom is one of the{ X} food and beverage options, within The LaFayette Hotel. Anchoring the basement club is a historic clamshell dating back to the hotel’s 1940s heyday. Here, touring jazz acts will take stage and revive the heralded venue. The front of the space is a layered cocktail lounge with a circular bar revolving around a custom, towering Murano light fixture. The ceiling has been draped in concentric circles of red fringe reverberating the circular rhythms of the space. Lou Lou’s is dripping in tassels, zebra prints, crocodile skins, and animal sculptures, eschewing any opportunity for restraint in favor of untamed abundance. The Club and Ballroom invites all to leave their daily routine and foray across era and musical genres.