Post Company

La Playa Hotel


Carmel, CA

Hotel, Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Renovation: 67 Room Hotel, F&B Outlets (Bud's), Lobby, Pool, Outdoor Spaces


Owner: Marc and Rose

Architects: Synectic Design

Contractor: Arsenio

Branding: Alex Rinker

Photography: Chris Mottalini

Project Narrative

Originally constructed in 1905 by the artist Christian Jorgensen as a gift to his wife Angela, daughter and heiress of the Ghiradelli family fortune. In 1922, the property became a hotel with rooms costing a whopping $2.50 a day. La Playa has continued to evolve alongside the community, "maintaining its eccentric charm and reputation as a haven for writers and artists."

Carmel has always been a place of inclusion among California's rock and severe coastal landscape, a place that encourages irreverent thought and exploration. While historic and classic in its architecture and bones, La Playa’s charm and approach is curious and spry. The design of the hotel honors its history and vernacular while ushering in the works and objects of contemporary artists and muses. The resulting effortless eclecticism spans era and trend.