Post Company



Brooklyn, NY

Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Renovation: Restaurant and Bar


Owner / Client: Hadidi Group

Photography: Ronald Yeung

Project Narrative

Huda, a Levantine bistro in East Williamsburg. Our design was always guided by owner Gehad Hadidi's Lebanese background and more astutely, a matriarchal figure named Huda , a name which means “right guidance” in Arabic.

Unique interpretations of Lebanese staples, vegetable-forward dishes, and seasonal cooking bring the food and cocktails to the forefront, and allow the interiors to stay humble and grounded. The interior design is one of composure, reductive in nature, and allowing what the space once was to show through
with raw authenticity.

The existing brick walls of the dining room collide with the cream-colored plaster walls and dark floors, to create a raw mix of materials that tell a story of a layered history.

The wood banquette with velvet earthen green cushions are complemented linen curtains and terracotta wall lights made from native clay from the Rif Mountains of Morocco.