Post Company



Jackson, WY

Food & Beverage


Building Design, Branding & Identity, Interior Design


Renovation: (At Anvil Hotel), 80 Seat Restaurant & Bar


Architect: Farmer Payne Architects

Contractor: Shaw Wyoming

Collaborators: Cedar & Moss, Charles P. Rogers, Fern, HedgeHouse, Tretiak Works, Woolrich

Photographers: Read McKendree, Mikael Kennedy, Tuck Fauntelroy

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

Glorietta reads like a team of outsiders came in and overhauled the place, leaning on their idiosyncratic personality and singular style as guidance. A balanced mix of warm, naturally finished materials with simple white tile helps create a space that is tasteful but casual and fun. If it reads just a bit unorthodox, that’s the point. The design reflects a menu that is thoughtfully prepared without being fussy or pedantic.

Add to this one of the best Italian wine lists in the country (in Jackson? Yes), and you’ve found yourself dining at an instant and truly original classic. Obscure, old school hip-hop, punk classics and David Bowie give the room youthful energy. The staff are all friendly and helpful and seem like the kind of guys and gals you’d grab a beer with after their shift ends.