Post Company



Germantown, NY

Food & Beverage


Building Design, Interior Design


Renovation: 60 Seat Restaurant


Engineer: Vieni Associates

Contractor: Threshold Builders

Collaborators: Rowland Butler, Fern Hand Crafted, Luddite, Malcolm MacDougall, Maison Bergogne

Photographers: Mikael Kennedy, Samantha Goh

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

The space exudes a warm, easy elegance. It’s thoughtful but effortless. When you dine here, it’s just another engaging dinner at your friends’ home - the ones you hope keep inviting you because you love how they set out yellow poppies from their garden, welcome you with Manhattans, and always genuinely ask how you’re doing.

It’s an energetic space, filled with light in the daytime and glowing at night by candlelight. It’s a familiar and inviting space where neighbors and friends come to nosh to their heart’s and stomach’s content. Like the food, the design winks at the past (historically inspired window patterns, awnings, worn walnut and stone, classic bistro tables) but has an eye on its relaxed and mildly eccentric character.