Post Company



Brooklyn, NY & Atlanta, GA



Interior Design


Retail Buildout: Williamsburg Flagship Store, Atlanta Westside Provisions, Atlanta Buckhead


Architect: Two One Two Design

Contractor: Shawmut

Collaborators: Creech, Lowe Hardware, Skylar Morgan Furniture, Allied Maker, IDX

Photographer: Genevieve Garruppo

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

The Framebridge Shop embodies, manifests and personifies the brand’s digital experience: one that is intuitive, welcoming, respectful, personal, honest and fun. As visitors approach the storefront, they are pulled in through a visually curious and inviting space, a mixture of color and materials used in the framing process itself.

The store is intended to be composed, considered and engaging. With a balance of intelligent technology and analogue touchpoints, we aim to remove the barriers and stigmas typically associated with the staid white glove framing store. The design hopes to elicit an experience that is playful, approachable and joyful, yet commands trust, care and expertise.

Inspired by the working artist’s or architect’s studio, where play, iteration, experimentation and collaboration are promoted, we envision an inspirational space that champions process without wrong answers. The shop exudes the spirit of an archivist when objects have their intended home. Through a somewhat ceremonious approach, the process of archiving and preserving memories is given new meaning. The walls are lined with examples of artwork and framed objects, illustrating the ways that Framebridge can help honor and celebrate pieces ranging from treasured family heirlooms to matchbooks from someone’s neighborhood haunt.