Post Company

Elephant, Crocodile, Monkey


Barcelona, Spain

Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Renovation: (At Casa Bonay) Restaurant & Bar


Architect: Cirici & Basso Arquitectura

Contractor: Select Choice Contracting

Collaborators: Annaleena, Asilvestrada, Batabasta, Max Rippon and Ausias Perez,

Marc Morro, Mecedorama, Santa & Cole, Teixidors

Photographers: Metrixell Arjalaguer

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

Located in historic Casa Bonay, Elephant Crocodile Monkey is a trip in itself. The menu is certainly a composite of traditions and cuisines but carefully layered in a uniquely Catalan manner. The space itself is playful and lush, with overgrown vines hanging over bins of natural wine. Wood veneered walls with aluminum detailing stem from train car references and romantic cues of travel and escape. A neon sign flashes outside the window reflecting the namesake, alternating between an elephant, crocodile and monkey. That's all one needs to know.