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Delta Collection. - Pendant, Surface Mount 5", Surface Mount 18", and Sconce


Production: Roll & Hill

Designed with: Taavo Somer

Retail: Roll & Hill

Made in Grand Rapids, MI

Project Narrative

The Delta collection, produced by partner Roll & Hill and designed in collaboration with Taavo Somer for INNESS.

Inspired by 19th-century wall-mounted candle-holders and lanterns, the collection strips down the forms to their essence, inverting the transparency of glass for the solidity of brass. The result is a highly simplified and elegant assembly of material planes.

The attention to detail is evident. Solid metal plates soften the light like a series of louvers and create its three-sided profile. Delta is versatile and adaptable which makes it perfect for various interior styles.

The collection is crafted in Grand Rapids, MI and available for purchase through Post Collection