Post Company

Casa Bonay


Barcelona, Spain

Hotel, Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Renovation: 68 Room Hotel, Restaurant (Elephant, Crocodile, Monkey), Coffee Shop (Satan’s), Lobby & Bar (Libertine)


Architect: Cirici & Basso Arquitectura

Contractor: Select Choice Contracting

Collaborators: Annaleena, Asilvestrada, Batabasta, Max Rippon and Ausias Perez,

Marc Morro, Mecedorama, Santa & Cole, Teixidors

Photographers: Metrixell Arjalaguer, Nacho Alegre

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

Just as Spain is a patchwork of disparate places with distinct local characters and identities, the spirit of Casa Bonay is one of deliberate eclecticism - a relaxed home with a casual self-confidence - where people come and go freely with no sense of urgency.Replete with thick layers of history, the hotel is an homage to all that is past, and all that is present in this most wonderful of cities.

Casa Bonay embodies a joy of life with an energy and resourcefulness that shrugs off stiffness and ignores fads. At once amusing and thrifty, there is a sedated splendor in the way Casa Bonay re-purposes and elevates mundane materials as significant design features and focal points.The spirit of Casa Bonay lives in the way history, humor, and nature co-exist in a place one can rightfully call their home. It is imaginative yet practical, casual yet attentive to detail. It demonstrates a unique capacity to be resourceful and minimal yet warm and inviting.