Post Company

Callicoon Hills


Callicoon Center, NY

Food & Beverage, Hotel


Interior Design, Branding & Identity


Renovation: 72 Room Hotel, cafe, Restaurant, Lobby, Pool


Collaborators: Cody Hudson, Sam Moyer, The Picture Room, In Residence, Morentz Gallery, Rust Modern, Utility Canvas

Photographer: Read McKendree

Project Narrative

Callicoon Hills is a century old resort nestled in a lovely Catskills mountain valley in the hamlet of Callicoon Center, New York. Just as the first bars of a pop ballad can whisk us away to high school youth, we like to imagine Callicoon Hills as a sequence of non-linear sensory experiences that allow us to shed our skins and enter a loose and pliable mindset. The ideal is a glimpse of a utopia: fun, open, accepting, encouraging and informal in the purest sense. Please, please, please come as you are.

Like plein air painting, the artist’s act of painting outdoors subverts the rules of academia and prescription in favor of natural light, the wind on one’s face, and the infusion of the informal mark on the canvas. Callicoon Hills will humbly continue this tradition, welcoming travelers with open arms, doors, and playfully encouraging whatever weird and new idea that lurks in the back of the fecund mind.