Post Company

Cache House


Jackson, WY



Interior Design


Renovation: 50 Bed Hostel at the Anvil Hotel


Architect: Farmer Payne Architects

Contractor: Shaw Construction

Photographer: Tuck Fauntelroy

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

The Cache House is a unique hospitality experience located in the heart of Jackson Hole. Situated in the Anvil Hotel, the Cache House offers a personalized stay at an approachable price point. The lodgings are thoughtfully designed with a bright, clean aesthetic and eminently functional spaces intended to provide everything a guest could want, and nothing you don’t need.

While the spacious lobby may certainly serve as a gathering place to make new friends it is also a quiet place for reading and reflection. With a range of high-end furniture, considered lighting, and fantastic coffee, the lobby provides the perfect place to plan a visit to two of the most storied parks in the United States. In the evenings guest will find a welcome respite from long days on the trail with a cozy bed just around the corner.