Post Company

Beginner's Diner


San Diego, CA

Food & Beverage


Interior Design


Diner at The LaFayette Hotel and Swim Club


Owner: Consortium Holdings

Architects: Tucker Sadler

Contractor: CLTVT

Project Narrative

Beginners Diner has an authentic drawing that feels as if it has always been there with the hotel built around the concept. The interiors act as an installation of a traditional diner from the 1940s, and details down to the placemats, flatware, and fountain drinks transport guests into this historic era with a diner historian consulted on the details. The restaurant’s chrome storefront and bold neon signage stand out in sharp contrast to its environs, becoming a beacon that signals visitors to explore what is beyond. The concept is a tribute to the Americana hero dishes that helped democratize restaurants mid-century with a nod to traditional Greek and Jewish food influences.