Post Company



New York, NY

Food & Beverage


Branding & Identity


Brand Extension of Freeman's Speakeasy upstairs at Freeman's Alley


Interior Design: Taavo Somer

Collaborators: Taavo Somer

Designer: Studio Tack

Project Narrative

A clandestine bar hidden upstairs at famed Freeman’s Restaurant, at the end of Freeman’s Alley. The reservation-only concept is inspired by the sea-faring arctic explorers and the trading companies of past eras. The name is a derivation of BANZARE, which stands for the “British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition.” The branding is a collaboration with Taavo Somer, the owner and designer of the bar’s interior.

The branding and identity look to the tradition of hand drawn short marks and insignias used by artisans and trading companies. In particular, the saturated blue palette references the history of delftware and the potter’s mark left on the bottom of their works. The name was captured through a short mark of B.Z.R. and is painted on plates, engraved into brass signage, and hand stamped on navy blue leather menus. The delftware motif is further implemented on coasters and matchboxes, provided a nod to ceremony, tradition, and celebration of craft.